The One-Week Workout System You Can Repeat for the Rest of Your Life


Get fit.  Get mobile. Get strong. Be the man you were meant to be.

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Here's the Glaring Problems

With Fitness for Men Today

These things are avoidable and reversible.

  • Most men just want to get strong, so they end up building strength that hurts, because they build it on top of a non-mobile, non-conditioned foundation.
  • A lot of programs out there throw in way too much exercise variety, which means you don't have a chance to get good at the foundational work required for strength with longevity.
  • Many programs require hours in the gym, every session.  This leads to burn-out and promotes inconsistent behavior due to time demands.
  • Men are experiencing an increase in nagging aches and pains because they continue on with the "get strong at all cost" mentality (promoted by the industry).
  • Very few programs prioritize a man's ability to move (mobility) which continues to have you feel locked up inside your own body.


The Weekly Repeat

A simple, repeatable, and scalable

fitness program for committed men

How are you, my man?  My name is Donovan Owens.

After 22 years of 'in-the-trenches' lifestyle and fitness coaching, with thousands of people, it's time to solve 2 major problems that I see in the industry of men's fitness.

1. Being strong on a weak foundation (ie. lacking mobility and conditioning).  This leads to pain.

2. Being weak on a weak foundation (ie. lacking strength, mobility, and conditioning).  This leads to even more pain.

Both of those situations will have you feeling like a hostage inside your own skin.

Sure, you can manage to exist through another day feeling weak, tight, and constricted...

...and that's exactly how you'll show up in other areas of your life.  Weak.  Tight.  Constricted.

Something tells me you want more than that.  You want to be the greatest version of the man you were meant to be.

That's exactly why I put my head down and created: The Weekly Repeat.  It is THE fitness program that you can repeat, every week, until the day you die.

And, when you do, you'll achieve The Committed Man's Fitness Trifecta.


Build a More Useful Body

With a workout system so good, you can repeat

it every week, for the rest of your life.

Built on a foundation of mobility

Every week you will do 3 body opening mobility sessions designed to increase your range of motion, which will open up a new pathway for pain-free strength.

  • You will increase your range of motion, which will have you performing better in your workouts... and in the bedroom.
  • You will reduce your nagging aches and pains as you open up your ability to move... which translates to freedom of movement.
  • You will enjoy improved posture with less tension in your muscles, so you can stand taller and feel more secure with your bodies ability.

Mobility is the non-negotiable foundation.

Reinforced with strength

Every week you will do 2 powerful strength sessions designed to increase your muscle definition and overall strength.

  • You will build strength that doesn't hurt, so you can enjoy the power in the body you carry around.
  • You will have more muscle tone and definition that will allow you to feel good with your shirt on or off.
  • You will drip with more confidence knowing that you're building a manly body that's prepared for life.

Building strength that doesn't destroy your body is your birthright, as a man.  The Weekly Repeat will help you build strength that feels good.

Energized with conditioning

Every week you will do 2 high-intensity conditioning sessions designed to increase your cardio capacity, burn body fat, and make you more capable at life.

  • You will challenge yourself appropriately and gain the stamina to do all the active things you love to do in life.
  • You will feel your ability to push harder in your workouts, and last longer in any part of your life that requires endurance.
  • Your confidence will continue to compound knowing that you have energy to do whatever it is you want to do in this life.

A conditioned man is a "ready for whatever" man.


What's Inside 

The Weekly Repeat

Everything you need to start right where you are.

7-Day Repeatable Workout Plan

A fitness system so intelligently programmed that you get everything your body needs, every week.

  • 3 feel-good mobility sessions every week
  • 2 progressive strength sessions every week
  • 2 smart conditioning sessions every week

That's 7 days of intentional activity that will build your body, not wreck your body.

Follow-Along Workout Videos

There's nothing like having a guide by your side, to be sure you are getting your fitness on with good form.

  • Form coaching videos
  • Follow-along warm up, workout and cool downs
  • Just press play and become a better man

Stop guessing what you should do next.  Follow the TWR system.

The Committed Man Community

This is a safe place for us men to come together to have real conversations that only we need to be involved with. What happens here, stays here.

  • Private conversations with other high-achieving men
  • Weekly topics around the 4 Power Pillars of The Committed Man
  • Bonus material not shared anywhere else

Our mission is to make this a community that awakens your possibility to live out the strongest, most powerful, and abundant version of yourself.

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Bodyweight Version

ONLY $67

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  • Follow-along bodyweight workouts
  • Follow-along warm-up and cool-downs
  • Choose music or no music
  • Mobile app
  • Private community access

Dumbbell Version

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  • Follow-along dumbbell dominant workouts
  • Follow-along warm-up and cool-downs
  • Choose music or no music
  • Mobile app
  • Private community access


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  • Bodyweight version of the weekly repeat
  • Dumbbell version of the weekly repeat
  • Follow-along warm-ups and cool-downs
  • Choose music or no music
  • Mobile app
  • Private community access

I'm Donovan Owens

After 21 years of in-the-trenches personal training, with thousands of people from all walks of life, I had the calling to turn my focus toward coaching up my fellow MAN.  I put that calling off for over 5 years because I was making great money and my life was comfortable. 

That comfort took a toll on me. 

My manly ambition suffered.  Body got soft.  Libido went down.  Focus became fractured.  Laziness loomed.

Then it hit me:  NOW is my time to share The Committed Man Operating System that I developed out of my own desperation to live out the strong, confident, and powerful man that felt trapped inside me.

My life mission has become to awaken the possibility for YOU to finally live out the most powerful version of yourself.

There's a definite process to it (that's not shareable on this public page), and it all starts with your fitness and movement.  Let's get you movin'.


The Weekly Repeat

Commit To It